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Funding for women researchers for continued research qualification in the natural sciences at Chalmers university of technology, the University of Gothenburg and Karlstad University

For the third year running, the Hasselblad Foundation announces financial support for continued research support for women with PhDs in the natural sciences with a possible extension to closely-related fields of technology and life science. This funding may be applied for by women researchers employed by one of the universities mentioned in the heading, in accordance with terms and conditions soon to be announced. The sum total of this funding is SEK 2,000,000, to be divided as SEK 1,000,000 each for two women researchers. When granted, the financing is to be regarded as project funding to support the continued research of each of the two researchers, and is to be paid out to the respective universities during a period not exceeding three years.

The primary objective of the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation is to promote research and scholarly education in the natural sciences and photography. We work toward this objective by, for example, funding scientific research and education, as well as by awarding stipends in photography and research in photography, and by awarding an international photography prize.  
In 2011 I was awarded financial support by the Hasselblad Foundation’s program for continued research funding for women in the natural sciences. My ambition is to be able to continue my research and be appointed senior lecturer by establishing my own research group, learning more and gaining more experience of teaching and supervising, and to expand my scientific network. This financing has helped me to gain further research qualifications. In my view, financing from the Hasselblad Foundation may serve a decisive function concerning continued research qualification and career opportunities for young women researchers.
Caroline Jonsson, University of Gothenburg

Caroline Jonsson about her research