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Gunnar Smoliansky ONE PICTURE AT A TIME

Gunnar Smoliansky is one of our time's most significant Swedish photographers. He has succeeded in creating extraordinary documents of a time past with poetic images of his closest surroundings. His photographs portray small details of everyday events that are rarely noticed. Even though the images are geographically local they convey a broad message and own a recognizeable characteristic that makes them universal. Gunnar Smoliansky's images offer the chance to see and remember, preventing forgetfulness.

The exhibition One picture at a time shows Gunnar Smoliansky's entire protographic production for the first time in one context. It is surprising that Smoliansky's photography is less known outside of Sweden. A goal with this exhibition is attempting to change that.

Gunnar Smoliansky was born 1933 in Visby. He has been wholeheartedly devoted to photography since the beginning of the 1950's, first as an industrial photographer and later freelance. At the end of the 1950's Smoliansky attended evening classes with Christer Strömholm. This was important for his continuing development even though he had already established a style of his own. The classes gave him the courage to continue with the calm, poetic photography he applies to this day. A comparison between Gunnar Smoliansky's early street photographs and more recent works display an impressive artistic strength characterized by great consistency in working method as well as renewal of motifs.