Untitled (Trollstigen), 2009 © Thom BridgeFrom the series : No Look from Nowhere ©  Stine Ofelia Kildevang

New Nordic Photography 2010 : On Display
May 29-August 29

The following applicants for the 2010 Victor Fellowships have been selected to contribute to the exhibition and consequently to compete for this year’s Victor Fellowships:
The Master-group:
Stine Ofelia Kildevang (DK), David Molander (SE), Jóna Berglind Hlynnsdottir (IS), Lovisa Ringborg (SE)

The Bachelor-group:
Simon Berg (SE), Nora Bencivenni (SE), Thom Bridge (SE/UK), Agnes Thor (SE), Nelli Palomäki (FI), Ida Andersson (SE), Frida Klingberg (SE)

The photographs in this year's New Nordic Photography take two directions. One is documentary photography, critical and scrutinizing, examining among other things environmental awareness and globalization. The other is photography that gives shape to personal existential experience, shedding light on norms, memories, and the construction of identity. This year's participants are distinguished by their socially critical gaze. The photographs, irrespective of their motif or theme, possess a consciously subjective quality. Young Nordic photography reflect upon the myth surrounding photography's claim to the truth in an attempt to approach the multi-facetted reality.