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Erna and Victor Hasselblad were very interested in the natural world. This was expressed in their will, which formed the basis for the statutes of the Hasselblad Foundation. Victor Hasselblad was himself a distinguished bird photographer.

The Foundation supports Nordens Ark by financing a chair in conservation biology at the University of Gothenburg, which is currently held by Claes Andrén, who works at Nordens Ark.

Every second year the Hasselblad Foundation offers a stipend in nature photography. In 2014 there will be two stipends, one worth SEK 100,000 and another worth SEK 50,000. In connection with the 25th anniversary of Nordens Ark in 2014, the Hasselblad Foundation has decided that the stipends for 2014 shall be for projects relating to the preservation of endangered species, biological diversity, landscapes and the environment.


Denise Eriksson and Jonathan Stenvall - recipients of the 2014 nature photography stipends

Denise Eriksson is awarded the large Hasselblad Foundation stipend of SEK 100,000 to enable her project about rhinoceros poaching. Denise Eriksson wishes to make personal photographic documentation about rhinoceroses in South Africa; a project specifically aimed at young people. She will stay in South Africa for five months, first with a volunteer organisation and then travelling to take pictures. She plans to visit schools and present information about rhinoceroses and inspire other young people to get involved in the poaching issue. The jury was especially impressed by Denise Eriksson’s preparatory work, photography and knowledge, despite her young age (born 1995). The jury considers her photographic dissemination of information about threatened species to be highly relevant and deserving of encouragement.

Jonathan Stenvall is awarded the Hasselblad Foundation stipend of SEK 50,000 to enable his project that focuses on the natural environment in Stockholm. Jonathan Stenvall wishes to photograph the species-rich natural areas around Stockholm to raise awareness among the public and politicians about these smaller, local ecosystems. He will focus mostly on the lake area of Råstasjön, which is threatened by plans to construct high-rise buildings. The project aims to conclude with a book. The jury feels Jonathan Stenvall (born 1997) already shows greatly impressive photographic talent and commitment. His project to highlight and preserve local, urban nature is topical and relevant.

Tobias Dahlin - recipient of the 2012 nature photography stipend

Tobias Dahlin has been awarded the 2012 Hasselblad Foundation nature photography stipend for the sum of SEK 100,000 for his project idea: ”The Kattegatt and the Skagerakk – on beauty and environmental problems” (”Västerhavet - om skönhet och miljöproblem”).
Tobias Dahlin’s plan is to highlight both the beauty and the environmental degradation of the gulf of the North Sea that is made up of the Kattegatt and the Skagerakk.  He will photograph its environmental degeneration with a focus on overfishing. His aim is to have a book based on the project published in 2014. It is Dahlin’s aspiration that this book will expand the scope of Swedish nature photography. In the opinion of the Hasselblad Foundation Dahlin’s project on environmental degradation is highly relevant to the field of nature photography.

This is the third nature photography stipend to be awarded by the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation. The stipend is granted in collaboration with the Vårgårda Photography Club. The aim of the stipend is to promote nature photography in the Nordic region, in the spirit of the great interest in nature of Victor Hasselblad.


Daniel Månsson - 2010 recipient

Daniel Månsson from Åkersberga has been selected to receive the 2010 Hasselblad Foundation stipend for nature photography. He has been awarded the sum of SEK 100,000 for his planned project, entitled "Waves".

In this project, Daniel Månsson aims to portray a world that is invisible to many people. Using an analog underwater camera,  and in a wetsuit and diving flippers, he takes photographs at the point of refraction of the surface of the water, where he captures the transient beauty of the wide seas and the waves, as reflected in Nordic light. Using this unusual perspective, he has previously immortalized surfers in the water and the adjacent landscapes in many places all over the world.   Daniel Månsson has refined his techniques and approaches over the past decade. "Waves" will be a continued deepening of this project in which he studies the seas.

The Hasselblad Foundation has selected him for his unique methods, his exciting project, and in recognition of his previous work, which conveys the magnificence and the magic of Nature. In awarding the 2010 nature photography stipend to Daniel Månsson, the Foundation strives to encourage nature photography and its development in the Nordic region. 

Marcus Elmerstad - 2008 recipient

Marcus Elmerstad from Stockholm has been awarded the 2008 stipend in nature photography. He received SEK 100,000 for his project The Pilgrim Road to Nidaros. Elmerstad plans to document the pilgrims' journey and encounter with the sacred in a poetic photo narrative that intertwines nature, faith and history. Elmerstad further develops his base in nature photography by including human presence in nature. He achieves this through a personal, clear imagery.

Karolina Tillman from Lindesberg has been awarded the Hasselblad Foundation's Honourable Mention and the sum of SEK 10,000 for her project Fairyland - Nordic Legends.


Erna and Victor Hasselblad’s Foundation is now offering for the fourth time stipends in nature photography in collaboration with Nordens Ark, Sweden.

The general purpose of the stipend, recalling Victor Hasselblad’s interest in the subject, is to encourage nature photography in the Nordic region.  In 2014 it has been decided that the purpose shall be the financing of projects described under the heading ‘Eligibility’.

The applicant must be a citizen of one of the Nordic countries, or a citizen of another country living permanently in the Nordic region. The stipend is intended for a talented nature photographer in order to finance fully or partly an artistic or documentary project within nature photography and relating to the preservation of endangered species, biological diversity, landscapes and the environment.

Criteria and policy for assessments
The project must be restricted and well-defined within a time frame of 1-3 years from start to completion.

Significance will be given to the project’s creativity and possibilities for influencing human behaviour. Young applicants will be given priority.

Stipend amount
One recipient will receive SEK 100,000 and another recipient will receive SEK 50,000. The recipients will take individual responsibility for tax arrangements.


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