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The Hasselblad Foundation is offering a stipend for a natural scientist to spend November and December at Hôtel Chevillon in the village of Grez-sur-Loing in France. The purpose is to offer a stay abroad for a limited period that can offer peace and quiet to enable concentration on a piece of writing.

Hôtel Chevillon and Grez-sur-Loing
Hôtel Chevillon has gone down in the history of Nordic art as one of the two hotels in Grez-sur-Loing which in the 1880s welcomed among their guests many people who were later to become famous Nordic and Anglo-Saxon artists and writers. They included Carl Larsson, Karl Nordström, Bruno Liljefors, the Danish and Norwegian Skagen painters, August Strindberg and Robert Louis Stevenson, to mention but a few. In this carefully restored setting, the Göteborg-based Grez-sur-Loing Foundation now rents apartments and studios to institutions so that they, in turn, can offer stipends to enable artists, writers, photographers, scientists and others to live and work in the area for a number of months (www.grez-stiftelsen.se). Hôtel Chevillon is not a hotel in the normal meaning of the term and the accommodation offered is self-catering. Hôtel Chevillon does not offer facilities for the disabled.

Grez-sur-Loing is situated about 70 kilometres south of Paris and 9 kilometres south of Fontainebleu. The village has about 1300 inhabitants. Few changes have been made over the last century to the village centre with its narrow, winding streets and dense housing. Notable sights are the ancient arched bridge and the time-honoured ruins of the tower.

The stipend will amount to SEK 30,000 and the foundation will also pay the rental cost for the accommodation.

Allison Perrigo, fil. dr. i systematisk biologi, och Mats Olsson, Professor i Biologi (Evolutionär Ekologi) har tilldelats 2014 års skrivarstipendium i Grez-sur-Loing för naturvetare.

Allison Perrigo, fil. dr. i systematisk biologi, är gästlärare vid Uppsala Universitet under 2014 där hon arbetat med ett projekt om biogeografi av trädormbunkar. Det handlar om geografisk utbredning av arter, om var ormbunkarna finns och varför de finns just där? Allison tänker under vistelsen i Grez sur-Loing färdigställa sitt manuskript över det hon arbetet med under året på universitetet. Dessutom tänker hon skriva artiklar på två andra projektet som är kvar ifrån hennes doktorandarbete om slemsvamp (små amöbor som lever i jorden över hela världen).

Mats Olsson, Professor i Biologi (Evolutionär Ekologi) vid Institutionen för Biologi och Miljövetenskap, Göteborgs Universitet. Olsson arbetar parallellt vid Zoologiska instutionen vid Göteborgs universitet och i Australien. Huvudprojektet har varit genetik och ekologi på den svenska sandödlan, med ett brett fokus på evolution av livshistoria, immunologi och sjukdomsresistans, och risk för utdöende i samband med inavel och låg genetisk variation. För Olsson kommer vistelsen innebära dels en vetenskaplig summering av sandödleprojektet och dels en förenklad sandödlebok  som använder sig av ’real world’ exempel för att introducera ungdomar till genetik, ekologi och evolutionsbiologi.

Ändamålet med detta skrivarstipendium, som instiftades 2007, är att erbjuda en naturvetare vistelse vid Hôtel Chevillon i byn Grez-sur-Loing, Frankrike under november - december för att i lugn och ro få koncentrera sig på en skriftlig uppgift. Stipendiet är på 30.000 kr varjämte Stiftelsen står för hyreskostnaden i Grez-sur-Loing.



Applications for this stipend can be accepted from natural scientists who are active as teachers/researchers at Universities in Sweden.

Applications listing the applicant's personal details and the post held should be submitted with a brief CV and a description (justification) of the purpose of the stay. There are no specific application forms.
Applications (electronic) must be submitted to the Hasselblad Foundation no later than March 1 the year of application, in the form of a single, merged document (a PDF file). Address: stipendium@hasselbladfoundation.org

November - December

The stipend amounts to SEK 30,000 and the foundation also pays the rental cost for the accommodation. During the period of the stipend, the holder may also be accompanied by a member of her or his family at no extra charge.

The holder of the stipend must provide her or his own computer for the period. A central Internet connection and printer are provided at Hôtel Chevillon.

The Hasselblad Foundation will announce who has been awarded the stipend in June the year of application in a press release and through publication on the website.

Previous Recipients of the writing stipend:

2013: Staffan Andersson, Professor of Animal Ecology at the University of Gothenburg

2012: Martin T. Sykes, Professor in Plant Ecology, Department of Physical Geography & Ecosystem Science at Lund University

2011: Marek Abramowicz, Professor vid Institutionen för Fysik, Göteborgs Universitet

2010: Tore Samuelsson, Professor vid Institutionen för Biomedicin, Göteborgs Universitet

2009: Sofia Thorsson, Postdoctoral Fellow in Physical Geography at the University of Gothenburg

2008: Lars Öhrström, professor of inorganic chemistry at the Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg

2007: Jan O. H. Swantesson, PhD, assistant professor at  Karlstad University

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