Upcoming Events

3 Feb

15:00 to 16:00

Welcome to the last day of the exhibition Oscar Muñoz: Hasselblad Award 2018!


During the last day of the exhibition we have invited other actors to resonate with the exhibition. Poet, actor and artist Segal Mohamed will read a monolog written especially for the exhibition and occasion. The musical trio DENG, with Avin Omar, Johan Ekeberg and Armand van Wijck, will reflect respond to Oscar Muñoz work through music and song.


The curators will also be there to tell us more about Oscar Muñoz work and the Hasselblad Award.


(Most parts of the event will be held in Swedish)


Time: Sunday 3rd February 3 pm – 4 pm

Place: Hasselblad Center


Fee: adult 60 SEK

Free entry under 25 years.



Intense, pure and transcendental. Moving between tranquil and haunting soundscapes inspired by the many faces of life and Kurdish poetry. This is the space in which the three musical minds of DENG – the Kurdish word for ‘sound’ – find each other. DENG crosses borders, both literally and musically, with band members coming from Kurdistan, Sweden and the Netherlands. Their influences range from jazz to folk and world music. A unique combination of instruments, free improvisation and microtonal singing make up for a surprising and emotional experience. Listen, contemplate and let your mind wander…


Avin Omer – vocals

Johan Ekeberg – guitar

Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica, willow flute



SEGAL MOHAMED is a young artist invested in her community of Angered to enhance the cultural movement grooving in Gothenburg. She has invited politicians to her home, started a poetry school and created performances played at West Sweden against Racismamongst others. She has also been nominated for the award “Spot on” at the Performing Arts gala two years in a row. Segal Mohamed also stars in SVTs up-coming series 12 and the play 24 hours black women written by Fanny Ndow. With support of Forum for De-colonialization Feminists she runs Qalam together with Johannes Anyuru. Qalam premiered with a poetry performance directed by Segal Mohamed on November 3rd  at the Gothenburg poetry festival.



Photo: © Alexi Carpentieri