2015 The Hasselblad Foundation is funding a visiting professorship in the Marine Sciences

The Hasselblad Foundation is now funding a visiting professorship at the new Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. The visiting professorship goes to the leading American researcher Jody Deming, who is an authority on polar marine research.

“I am so pleased that we are able with the help of the Hasselblad Foundation to attract a researcher who is a world leader in her field,” says Leif Anderson, marine chemist and Professor at the University of Gothenburg.

Image: Leif Anderson.


Prominent polar researcher will be made a visiting professor at the new Department

Thanks to the Hasselblad Foundation, the University of Gothenburg now has a leading researcher attached to the new Department of Marine Sciences which will be opened on 1 July.

Visiting Professor Jody Deming is coming to us from the University of Washington, and her specialist area is the adaptation of marine microorganisms to the cold.

“She is the person best suited to be our first visiting professor because her specialist area in marine microorganisms and their importance for polar geochemistry and ecology fits in well with the direction we are taking at the University of Gothenburg,” says Leif Anderson.

Polar marine research in focus

The Hasselblad Foundation’s funding for a visiting professor in the Marine Sciences will encourage the linking up of researchers from different disciplines in the new Department of Marine Sciences, which will become a reality at the University of Gothenburg on 1 July. For more than thirty years, polar marine research has been a key area of study for researchers in the Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg.


Photo: Doug Struck


Jody Deming, who is a microbiologist and has a wealth of knowledge in DNA research, will be holding a third-cycle course in October for everyone interested in the field of marine science, and she will also hold a symposium on 3-5 November.