Research and Development Award

Contribute to the project Drone Vision


Valand Academy and the Hasselblad Foundation have a long-term partnership, now resulting in a research and development award for photo-based artists.

This award is part of a broader research project, led by Dr Sarah Tuck, exploring the affects and implications of drone technologies on warfare, surveillance and protest.


The Research and Development Award provides the time and resources for photo-based artists to develop a project proposal, as part of a commissioning process for the exhibition at the Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg. It is expected that applicants to the Research and Development Award consider the affective meanings of drone technologies in response to the geographic context of Sweden and its region.


Successful applicants to the Research and Development Award will be expected to apply to the next stage of the process, the call for Project Realisation submissions, the winners of which will be awarded with the sum of SEK 50,000 to complete artwork for the exhibition in Gothenburg in May 2018.


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