For Schools

We have prepared a special programme for school classes that wish to visit us. The emphasis here is on visual reading, a tool for critically reviewing the sensory impressions we encounter every day through various media. In connection with these viewings, we also highlight the method of “slow seeing”, where we take our time to experience and analyse the visual experience that confronts us.

For every school viewing, we prepare a pack of pedagogical material containing questions for discussion and exercises that teachers can use in their teaching, both before and after the viewing. The material can also be used remotely in classroom teaching, i.e. even if the school class does not physically visit the exhibition hall.

Notes for teachers about current and previous exhibitions can be downloaded by clicking the links below. Please feel free to contact our teaching specialist if you have any questions about how to make the best use of the material.


Our school tours are free for schools within the municipality of Gothenburg and cost SEK 350 for primary schools and university preparatory schools in the rest of the country.


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