Bugs & Metamorphosis: Glitching Photography

Hasselblad Center 

February 7–May 4, 2025

Bugs & Metamorphosis: Glitching Photography brings together an exciting selection of contemporary visual media artworks that reflect multiple potentials of the glitch as system error in technology, knowledge, classification, and control.


The works are presented as different engagements with the bug concept in metaphorical, technical, and methodological meanings: both as a glitch and a moth.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the world of insects, with subthemes such as swarms, webbing, metamorphosis, camouflage, viruses, and extinction. Approaching the glitch as a bug opens up posthuman and nonhuman agencies and disruptions from the machinic and natural realms.


Bugs & Metamorphosis is based on the multiyear research Photography and the Glitch, a collaboration between the Hasselblad Foundation and HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University. For more information, see the HDK Valand website.


Image: Stills from the video A confusing array of butterflies.

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