Duane Michals

The Portraitist


February 11 – May 15, 2022


The exhibition presents the American photographer Duane Michals who is one of the pioneers in experimental portrait photography. Michals made a name for himself in the 1960s by breaking with an established documentary tradition and instead, he uses a distinctive photographic style that gave his models a space to express themselves. Michals is also known for his photographic series where he conveys personal stories with messages and poems written directly on the image itself. When portraying actors, writers and musicians, Michals has not been afraid to use an experimental and improvisational manner.


The exhibition consists of more than 125 portraits, many of which were recently discovered in one of his workrooms in New York City. With images of double exposures, shifting perspectives and collages, the exhibition paints a picture of both technically skilled and spontaneous photographer that creates surprising images that continue to fascinate and amaze.


Duane Michals: The Portraitist is curated by Linda Benedict-Jones and the traveling exhibition is organized by Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions, Pasadena, California, USA.


Image: Meryl Streep, ca 1975

© Duane Michals. Courtesy of DC Moore Gallery, New York.

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