I am the Camera

Hasselblad Center

Permanent exhibition

The Hasselblad Foundation celebrates Gothenburg's 400th anniversary with a new permanent exhibition. Inspired by Victor Hasselblad's interest in nature, the exhibition I am the Camera focuses on the importance of photography for how we experience and form knowledge about the world around us and the role of the camera in the encounter with the city and its surroundings.

I am the Camera includes historical material that has rarely been shown as well as contemporary works, including Hendrik Zeitler's nature photograms in the series "1:1 Hammarkullen" and Susanne Fagerlund's holograms from "the Doppelgänger series" created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

The exhibition reflects the Hasselblad Foundation's dual focus on photography and natural science – and at the same time, looks towards new approaches to meetings between the camera and its surroundings.

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