Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar

Hasselblad Award Winner 2020



Exhibition period: October 2021 – January 2022


Alfredo Jaar’s Hasselblad Award exhibition will highlight key concepts in the artist’s oeuvre, namely how we can become more receptive to images of the suffering of others; how media in the Global North neglects underrepresented groups and parts of the world, and how photography never reproduces reality, but rather creates new realities and interpretations of the world – as one of his works states: “You do not take a photograph, you make it” (2013). Other works in the exhibition include the large installation Shadows (2014) and the photographic panel Searching for Africa in LIFE (1996).


The book published in conjunction with the exhibition will include all works from the exhibition and also present a series of projects that reflect the essence of Jaar’s oeuvre, such as The Rwanda Project (1994-2000), The Sound of Silence (2006), and A Hundred Times Nguyen (1994), along with a selection of public interventions.


The renowned French philosopher Jacques Rancière, who is engaged in human rights issues, writes a new essay for the book.


Curators: Louise Wolthers, Dragana Vujanovic Östlind


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