Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama

A Diary

15/10-2019–9/2 2020


From dusk ’til dawn and then dusk again.


Even photographs taken in daytime seem to have been snapped sometime after midnight. Such is the ambiance and the ambiguity of Daido Moriyama’s images. Some of them are so raw that they seem unreal, even though they depict very real scenes and situations. It is an artistic language and a way of life.


The title of Moriyama’s Hasselblad Award publication and exhibition, A Diary, points to his continuous, daily photographic expeditions, which result in an abundance of both images and memories. Moriyama began this ceaseless chronicle as a child, although he didn’t use a camera then. He describes how he wandered the streets with a harmonica in his pocket. A talisman of sorts, and like the camera later, the type of object that lets you observe the world while using it: One doesn’t need to talk when playing the harmonica and one shouldn’t talk when discretely snapping pictures.




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