Apart from the annual Hasselblad Award book, the Hasselblad Foundation also publishes books and anthologies based on exhibitions and symposia. The thematic exhibitions with works from the collection have resulted in the publications Still Life / Work Life (2013) and Framing Bodies (2015). Research symposia have resulted in the anthology series Negative (2014-2016). The titles include Imprint: Visual Narratives in Books and Beyond; Auto: Self-Representation and Digital Photography; Broken: Environmental Photography and Order and Collapse: The Lives of Archives.


Larger research- and exhibition projects have resulted in the anthologies Women Photographers – European Experience (eds. L. Johanneson and G. Knape, 2004); WATCHED! Surveillance, Art and Photography. (eds. L. Wolthers, D. Vujanovic and N. Östlind, 2016) and Thresholds. Interwar Lens Media Cultures 1919-1939 (eds. M. Jönsson, L. Wolthers and N. Östlind, 2021).



Selected publications by the Hasselblad Foundation’s researcher


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The publication can be downloaded at:


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