Photo Book Grants

Photo Book Grants 2020


Application deadline January 10, 2020.

The Hasselblad Foundation awards three photo book grants. The purpose of these grants is to support and contribute to the development of the photo book in the Nordic countries which is a vital part of photographic practice and research.


Three Grants are awarded:
1. SEK 100 000, 2. SEK 50 000, 3. SEK 30 000




The grants will be awarded to book projects whose initiator(s) is/are based and work in one of the Nordic countries. The grants can be applied for by photographers, artists and curators and will only be awarded to not yet published projects.

Furthermore the following will be given priority:

  • collaborations with researchers or research institutions
  • photo historical publications
  • innovative concept and design





The Hasselblad Foundation should receive the application no later than 10 January 2020. The application form can be filled out in English or Swedish.

No digital applications. 

The application shall be posted via regular mail.

Download Application form.



Hasselblad Foundation

Att: Photo Book Grant

Ekmansgatan 8

412 56 Göteborg






Book projects that are granted support should mention the Hasselblad Foundation as contributor to the book and include the Foundation’s logo at a suitable place in the publication.

The Hasselblad Foundation should receive 6 signed copies of the published book.

The applicants should be prepared to participate in potential activities arranged by the Foundation in relation to the grants, such as an award ceremony or similar events.




Photo Book Grants 2019


Albert Elias Grøndahl

Albert Elias Grøndahl has been awarded a grant of 50,000 kr for his project The City Behind the Forest. Grøndahl was born in 1985 in Denmark. He lives and works in Copenhagen.



An exceptionally relevant document of an era close in time, yet soon forgotten. This is an innovative book that combines archival material from Aarhus psychiatric hospital with previous patients’ art and pictures of the hospital grounds, photographed by Grøndahl himself. The selection of portraits of the hospital’s patients has been chosen with great care and sensitivity. This type of medical archival photography is also interesting from a photo-historical perspective. The dummy has been thoroughly prepared with a convincing design. This is an important photo book of high quality, in both artistic and culture-historical terms. Grøndahls choice of materials testifies to the fact that this book has the potential to become a masterpiece.



Heikki Kaski

Heikki Kaski has been awarded a grant of 30,000 kr for his project with the working title Life, but how to live it. Kaski was born in 1987 in Finland. He lives and works in Sweden.




Kaski works within an associative aesthetic tradition and portrays contemporary life with a poetically inflected social realism. Kaski fully masters the art of photographic storytelling and his use of editing and design shows photographic language to its best advantage. Brief accounts figure in the larger narrative flow in the form of diptychs, contrasts and unexpected details. His sense of rhythm, form and color makes it all the more important that this material is allowed to take shape in the form of a photo book.



Elisabeth Molin

Elisabeth Molin has been awarded a grant of 20,000 kr for her project with the working title COMFORT 7/32/00. Molin was born in 1985 in Denmark. She lives and works in Copenhagen.





The first thing one is struck by is the brightness of Molin’s color scheme, but also a kind of restraint, a concentration in her sense for detail. Her photography tends toward the surreal and her fragmentary segments of the everyday assume an almost tactile quality. Her project concerns the encounter between biological and mechanical patterns and rhythms in an urban environment. The photographs are accompanied by short texts that relect upon human and mechanical gazes, the technology of sight: Eye as camera and camera as eye.




Jury 2019

Elsa Modin, Cecilia Sandblom, Sara Walker and Louise Wolthers, Hasselblad Foundation



Photo Book Grants 2018


Tova Mozard (SEK 50 000)

Alice Schoolcraft (SEK 30 000)

Annica Karlsson Rixon (SEK 20 000)



The Hasselblad Foundation Photo Book Grants 2017

Photo Book Grants 2017 to:

Helga Härenstam – SEK 50 000

Cecilia Grönberg – SEK 30 000

Hendrik Zeitler – SEK 20 000



Skogsbärbranschen – Photo Book Grant 2016


In order to promote these grants and mark the significance of photography books already this summer, we have chosen to award photographer Johannes Samuelsson a grant of SEK 20,000 for his book project Skogsbärbranschen.


Skogsbärbranschen is based on Johannes Samuelsson’s photographs and started as a collaboration with two cultural geographers and researchers at Umeå University: Madeleine Eriksson and Aina Tollefsen. It is about the forest-berry industry in Norrland: about structural organisation, economic circumstances, changes in the countryside, migration and local and global relationships. The project is cross-disciplinary, highly relevant and very original.


Johannes Samuelsson

Johannes Samuelsson


About Johannes Samuelsson

Johannes Samuelsson is a photographer and artist with a master’s degree from the Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg. He lives and works in Umeå, Sweden. Johannes participated in the exhibition New Nordic Photography at the Hasselblad Center in 2011 and teaches at the Umeå School of Architecture at Umeå University.