Sune Jonsson


Hasselblad Award Winner 1993


The Hasselblad award was presented for the 13 th time on Friday 22 October 1993. The award winner, Sune Jonsson, Umeå, Swden, received the award from Her Royal Highness Princess Lilian, at a ceremony at the Congress hall of the Swedish Exhibition Center, Svenska Mässan, in Göteborg. The award sum was SEK 245,000. In conjunction with the ceremony an exhibit of the award winner’s work, Sune Jonsson – Photographs by the recipient of the Hasselblad prize 1993, opened at theHasselblad Center, Wernerska Villan, Göteborg.

The Foundation’s citation:

For nearly half a century, Sune Jonsson has been depicting the loneliness and barren beauty of the landscape of Northern Sweden and the unglamorous, workaday lives of simple people. His quietly unobtrusive, living imagery has given us a panorama of a changing society. In many books, over the years, he has woven together words and pictures to provide unique documentation in the spirit of the Farm Security Administration project in the USA.

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© Västerbottens Museum