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5 May

14:00 to 14:40

Welcome to a guided tour of the exhibition Encounters – Nordic Photography Beyond Borders


The exhibition includes photography and video works by five Nordic contemporary artists; Nanna Debois Buhl (b 1975, based in Denmark), Bára Kristinsdottir (b 1960, based in Iceland), Sandra Mujinga (b 1989, based in Norway), Johannes Samuelsson (b 1982, based in Sweden) and Miia Autio (b 1986, based in Finland). Each of them is exploring means of visualizing social engagement and narrating new encounters; cultural, environmental or political. The works address current issues such as South-North migration, changes in land- and cityscapes as well as the local effects of economic globalisation.


The tour will be held in English.


Time: Sunday May 5th2 pm / 14:00

Place: Hasselblad Center


Other information

Admission: Single entry adults 60 SEK or annual pass 100 SEK.

Free admission for visitors under the age of 25 years.


Photo: Cecilia Sandblom © Hasselblad Foundation