Research fellowship

Conny Karlsson LundgrenAhead of Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary, the Hasselblad Foundation, in collaboration with Göteborgs Konsthall, has awarded artist Conny Karlsson Lundgren a grant of SEK 175,000 for research and work in 2020.


“Conny Karlsson Lundgren has been awarded an artistic and research-based grant for his genuinely innovative work that challenges existing historiographies through projects deeply rooted in the artistic research of archives, traces, memories and both private and collective narratives connected to queer history. Often through photo- and film-based work, Conny Karlsson Lundgren reveals the role played by artistic examination and research in contemporary art and how the method of artistic research relates to historical material.


© Conny Karlsson Lundgren

“Distinct examples are the works Tonårslöparen (The Teenage Runner), a performance that follows the embodiment of a photograph in a collection and its historical narrative based on memories and desires; (Dissident) Dance Actions, a choreographic remodelling of a political protest and its lost “forbidden” movements, and Status Quo and The Spheres, refashioned fragments from composer Johanna Beyer’s unfinished political opera from the interwar period, written at a time of political upheaval similar to that of today.”


Stina Edblom, Artistic Director, Göteborgs Konsthall and Louise Wolthers, Research Manager and        Curator, Hasselblad Foundation



About Conny Karlsson Lundgren

Through film, text, image and documents, Conny Karlsson Lundgren sheds light on the boundaries between language and social, political and private identities. In various staged situations and reworked historical narratives, he interlinks seemingly disparate phenomena with cross-disciplinary methodology. He introduces alternative readings of popular culture and material of a more private nature and his research-based works identify new perspectives and meanings.


© Conny Karlsson Lundgren

Conny Karlsson Lundgren (born in Västervik, Sweden) divides his time between Stockholm and Hoby Mosse in southern Sweden. He participated in the Studio Research programme at the Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, the Netherlands, (2014–2015) and received his MFA from Valand Academy in Gothenburg. Karlsson Lundgren’s installations and films have been shown in Sweden and internationally, with solo exhibitions at Neue Galerie Innsbruck, Haninge Konsthall and Kalmar Konstmuseum.