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Hasselblad Professor - 2010-

Nordens Ark received a grant SEK 1,900,000 to endow a chair in conservation biology, applied research in the maintenance of threatened species, and to run an annual research school.

During 2010 the Foundation decided, as one aspect of our well-established collaboration with Nordens Ark, to endow a chair at the University of Gothenburg, with the professor's place of work at Nordens Ark. The chair is held by Professor Claes Andrén, scientific director of Nordens Ark since 2006. Professor Andrén works with research in conservation biology, tutoring students, developing the capacity and competence of the staff at Nordens Ark in terms of raising and maintaining viable populations of threatened species in bio secure conditions. He also conducts methodical follow ups of animals that have been released, in order to better understand why some release programs succeed and others fail. This knowledge is of major international significance, highlighting the role of conservation biology in terms of ensuring viable populations of threatened species in natural environments.

Here is a video where Professor Andrén presents some of the current activities and projects at Nordens Ark.

Hasselblad Professor – 2006–2009

The Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation decided in 2004 to endow a chair to be designated The Hasselblad Professor in Public Learning and Understanding of Science (PLUS) in honour of the Victor Hasselblad centenary. It was also decided that the chair was to be shared between Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers) and University of Gothenburg. Recruitment for the position took place during 2005.

The subject Public Learning and Understanding of Science may include studies of: public understanding and attitudes towards science and technology; science in schools; science and the media; and science and gender.

Dr Ilan Chabay became the first Hasselblad Professor of Public Learning and Understanding of Science. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Victor Hasselblad’s birth, March 8, 2006, Dr Chabay delivered his inaugural lecture in Göteborg.