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Photographic Research

The Hasselblad Foundation focuses on various forms of photographic research. The foundation initiates and produces research projects, while also collaborating with other institutions and scholars, for instance through seminars and publications.  

Earlier projects include Women Photographers - European Experience, a collaboration with the Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg. It resulted in a touring exhibition, which opened at The Hasselblad Center in 2003, as well as the book Women Photographers - European Experience, published in 2004. A recent project revolves around the South African photographer, Ernest Cole, who documented Apartheid from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s. A large amount of his work is included in the Foundation’s collection. The research has resulted in a touring exhibition and the book Ernest Cole, Photographer, published in 2010.  

The Hasselblad Foundation’s research is based on the photographic collections and the yearly recipients of the Hasselblad Price. Furthermore the Foundation caries out research projects in current art photographic practices as well as theoretical questions concerning the role of photography in contemporary visual culture.

The photographic research and the exhibition programme is closely tied together, as for instance in the recent exhibition and publication Still Life / Work Life – From the Hasselblad Foundation Collection, shown at the Hasselblad Center and published as a book by Art & Theory, 2013.

During the years, the Hasselblad Foundation has also provided grants and stipends for external photographic research – theoretical as well as artistic.